Social Secrets Review

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Do you sell physical products? Or even plan to start one?

If your answer is NO, then stop reading! This product is not for you!

But if your answer is yes, then you’d love to continue reading this review.

However, if you have no time for reading, here’s a link to Social Secrets 3.0 Official Website.

Social Secrets is the only product to my knowledge that focuses on advertising for eCommerce businesses with a high success rate.

I know this because when I first used one of the funnels shown in the training, my poorly performing baby product jumped to #1 in movers and shakers of the baby category on Amazon. Not only this but also I reached a best seller rank of 156 which is amazing.

As a physical­ products seller, you know that the key to driving profit for your business is advertising. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or if your business has been running along for years — you can always drive more profit with ads…you just need a strategy and the right platforms.

This is a usual dilemma for all entrepreneurs.

You have a good product, a good sales page, and everything in place, but you can’t drive the right people to your offer.

Not only this, but you also need to pay storage fees as long as you don’t sell your product.

Sometimes, this situation ends in you quitting the business completely!

I’ve been there myself.

But this is not an issue any more. If I want traffic, I can buy traffic.

And so you will be when you follow the funnels taught by Justin Aquilia inside the Social Secrets training.

If you were following paid traffic tactics for a while, then you know that Facebook started to be the best platform for selling physical products since 2013.

The last year (2015) was a breakthrough for physical products sellers by introducing two great ads platforms; Pinterest and Instagram ads.

Pinterest is a great platform only if your product’s target audience is US women as they make for the vast majority of Pinterest users.

Instagram and Facebook are suitable for both genders as people are hanging there all the time.

This 3rd version of the training doesn’t cover Pinterest, but it covers in details the most profitable tactics of advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

So if you want a proven training on how to sell physical products in the way you always dreamed with, I highly recommend you join Social Secrets 3.0 class today.

Well, I know you are asking: What am I going to learn inside this training?

With Social Secrets 3.0, you’ll learn:

● everything you need to know about the Facebook and Instagram ad platforms
● how to set up various campaigns, ad sets, and ads
● how to use powerful targeting capabilities to select the right audiences for your ads
● the ad funnels that will drive the best results for your physical products business
● how to set up landing pages for your campaigns
● how to create beautiful images to take advantage of Instagram’s user interface
● scaling, retargeting, and ad optimization strategies to scale your business
● how to split test and analyze key metrics to keep growing your business

You’ll learn all of the above and more from paid­-advertising expert Justin Aquilia. Justin has cracked the code of Instagram advertising and has spent years perfecting Facebook Ads. Now he’s going to share his hard­-earned secrets with business owners like YOU.


You get the training in a bundle that includes:

● Step­-by­-step online web class
● Proprietary software tools
● Access to the private Social Secrets community
● Eight private weekly group coaching calls with instructor Justin Aquilia
● Pre­-created Facebook audiences, templates (I really love them, helped me a lot)
● 30-­Day, Money­-Back Guarantee
● And more!

Of course, you don’t expect to get this quality of training for cheap, right?

However, it’s not super expensive either. Actually the entire bundle mentioned above sells only for $2000 (one payment) or 4 payments of $500.

Social Secrets 3.0 is live now, but doors will close this Friday (I’m not sure when you are reading this, so this might be the last day to grab the product before doors close).

Order Social Secrets 3.0 today, and enjoy watching your physical products business exploding.